The EURO-LOG WebApp technology

Apps: for smartphones and web-based applications

The trend towards apps which bring increasingly higher usability and simplification of software products, whether in personal or professional life, is clearly on the rise. It's a development that has also become a fixed part of logistics.

That's why the app concept plays an important role in our solutions as well. Customers can benefit from our smartphone apps Mobile Track, Mobile Scan and Container Management App.

We use the app concept for our web-based applications as well. Our Supply Chain Management System, the ONE TRACK Transport Management System, the Container Management System and the Time Slot Management System all have web app icons which make it easy for the user to see all relevant information at a glance.

ROI starts soon for our customers thanks to this state-of-the-art technology.

WebApps at Rhenus Freight Logistics

"The EURO-LOG SCM solution led to the desired improved process quality and a sustainable drop in logistics costs. At first, the control station users didn't realize that they even needed the WebApps – now, they don't want to be without." Robert Recknagel, Product Manager Freight Industry Solutions at Rhenus Freight Logistics

Time-consuming searches are a thing of the past – respond promptly to deviations in the delivery process and save time and money

For users of our software, extensive searching is completely eliminated since search results defined as relevant are automatically reported in real time.

Using the app icons (which can be individually configured by the user), the customer can access the information relevant to him with just a click. The user can see at a glance whether and where new information is available with the "counter" in the upper-right corner of the app icon.

It isn't necessary to search through a menu hierarchy to find out, once the information is located, that it isn't relevant. And the time saved in searching can be used to respond promptly to deviations in the shipping process.

Subsequent processes are automatically initiated by the system, such as generating tickets for a priorly defined deviation, e.g. when goods are delayed or damaged.

Only relevant information is displayed

The WebApps can be individually configured so that those responsible can show information that is relevant for them, such as when goods have not been loaded by a certain time, there is a delay in the shipping, or the notifications are missing.

Processing costs and time are saved through individualising information because, with the EURO-LOG software, customers can highlight the information that is relevant for them and hide undesired data or icons in the system. Naturally, the hidden data can be redisplayed any time.

Be actively informed about relevant events

The Alerting function informs the user as soon as a pre-defined event occurs or does not occur (e.g., when goods have not left the warehouse at a certain time, or when a delivery is late en route to the customer).

Alerting guarantees a real-time notification per e-mail, SMS or voice mail in the event of a deviation. This allows those involved to concentrate promptly on deviations instead of observing the entire process on the platform and making an evaluation.

Easy to use saves time and costs

The app functionality gives our products an especially high usability. According to our experience, all generations are able to use our software with no problem and they enjoy using our products because our software takes care of a large part of employees' work and saves them a lot of time.

Since the applications are so easy to use, employers frequently save the money and time usually needed for training their employees.