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Active control of national and international logistics processes

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The high-tech industry sets high requirements for logistics. Problems in the supply chain most often result in empty shelves in the retail outlet, disappointed customers and high costs in terms of penalty payments and lost sales. A faster, more reliable and correctly timed flow of goods from the manufacturer via the distributor to the retailer is therefore of particular importance.

With the EURO-LOG solutions you can make your processes in procurement and dispatch more transparent so that action can be taken in good time if problems arise. Thanks to the intelligent integration of all partners (suppliers, logistics providers) and the smart linking up of all data exchanged, you create an everyday added value which can help you both optimize and speed up your own processes and supply a better flow of information to your business customers. The result is that customer satisfaction increases, your processes become faster, more transparent and more secure, you save unnecessary extra costs and in addition you can generate more turnover.

The intelligent interplay of EURO-LOG solutions offers you comprehensive end-to-end supply chain management.

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ALSO Actebis

High-tech distribution
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High-tech distribution
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Supply Chain Management

  • electronic communication with all suppliers and logistics service providers
  • standard interfaces with integration of more than 300 suppliers and more than 30 logistics providers from the high-tech industry
  • transparency across the ordering process 
  • intelligent linking of available information of all partners
  • proactive information service in case of deviations from the standard procurement process
  • extensive ad-hoc reporting possibilities based on real-time data
  • slot bookings using order and delivery note information
  • loading and unloading locations and times can be managed dynamically, e.g. by integration of mobile devices

    Transport Management

    • transparency across the supply chain
    • all transport operations in one system – regardless of the number of logistics service providers
    • direct inclusion and supply of information to the end customer (e.g. web shop or ERP system) 
    • active communication system offers alerts for employees or customers
    • reporting for the entire transport process at the touch of a button (in real-time) 
    • systematic selection of service providers - according to price or quality criteria
    • electronic communication with all logistics service providers via a single interface
    • standard interface for more than 30 carriers and logistics service providers from the high-tech industry

      Time Slot Management

      • reduction of waiting times for loading and unloading
      • optimum capacity utilization and improved personnel planning
      • integration of mobile devices allows for dynamic dispatching and for taking unplanned delays into account
      • organization of slots on the basis of notification requests thanks to early information on goods deliveries
      • improved ETA data by integrating delivery notification