Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals

Secure and transparent supply chains

Sector: chemistry / pharmaceutical industry

Cooperation with numerous logistics service providers using different means of transport (land, sea, air) makes reliable and secure control of a transport network increasingly difficult. But with perfectly organized processes in procurement and distribution lasting competitive advantages can be achieved. This means that unnecessary costs are saved, reserve stocks in your own warehouse can be reduced, the delivery and service quality offered to customers is increased and internal expenses are reduced. 

The solutions from EURO-LOG support you in a perfect and seamless collaboration with your logistics providers – from the initial instruction and the monitoring of transport operations right through to billing. Transparent supply chains enable you to increase reliability in the logistics and production processes. The result is that unnecessary costs are saved, the quality in the network is increased and customer satisfaction is improved on a lasting basis. With solutions from EURO-LOG the chemistry between you and your logistics providers works. 

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Transport Management

  • transparent and secure supply chain
  • all transport operations in one system
  • proactive alerting service in case of deviations from the standard process
  • reporting for the entire transport process at the touch of a button (in real time)
  • electronic communication with all logistics service providers via one single interface, via EDI or Web EDI 
  • optimization of the billing process with logistics service providers – from automated invoice checking to credit entries
  • direct linking of the provision of logistics services with billing

Supply Chain Management

  • electronic communication with all suppliers and / or wholesalers
  • standard way of communication with all partners via one interface
  • punctual alerting in case of deviations from the standard process
  • systematic evaluation of supplier performance

Time Slot Management

  • reduction of waiting times for loading and unloading
  • optimum capacity utilization and improved personnel planning
  • integration of mobile devices allows for dynamic dispatching and for taking unplanned delays into account
  • improved quality of ETA information thanks to delivery notification
  • intelligent linking of time slot bookings using order and delivery note information