Software solutions for logistics service providers

Intelligent linking up of logistics processes and systems

The requirements of customers or of the logistics network change quickly and are individual - but this is not the case with in-house processes and IT systems. So make the best of both worlds - supplement your IT system with the modules which you actually need. You will profit from the innovation of EURO-LOG's standard products and years of experience which make fast implementation possible. And this includes the secure and rapid inclusion of all partners.

Whether, as a carrier or a logistics network, you want to build up your range of services in general, or you want to implement individual areas such as delivery scanning in real time or you need to produce new service elements such as container management or a transparent supply chain based on order data from the customer in a contract logistics bidding process -– you can supplement your system with these well-proven modules. Or perhaps you want to offer your customers an order recording facility which processes orders in real time, provides a general overview of customers and is open for more traffic.