Container Management Basis

Internal and external follow-up of containers 

EURO-LOG Container Management Basis

Containers and loading equipment cost money. However, they are not in focus with many businesses and tend to be neglected. The result is high loss rates and costly replacements. 

With container management from EURO-LOG you can monitor the movements of loading equipment and containers and systematically cover weak spots and container losses in the network which you control. It does not matter here whether you exchange loading equipment between companies with suppliers, customers and logistics partners or whether you want to monitor the internal works traffic of the customer. Loading equipment movements between suppliers are mapped in a way that can be traced. Thus an overview is available at all times and you have full transparency. 

The advantage of the EURO-LOG solution: all participating partners can quickly be integrated via the Web solution or by EDI and have access to a central data pool in real time. Discussions about discrepancies in container balances and account statuses as well as manually managed Excel lists are thus a thing of the past. Falls in container numbers are systematically detected, the loss of loading equipment is considerably reduced. As a result you need a smaller stock of containers, costs incurred for container replacements are considerably lower and you have greater security of supply.