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EURO-LOG Container Management Basis

Where is the supply status of containers becoming critical? Who has far too much loading equipment standing in the yard? With the Dispatching module you have the right answer to hand at all times at the press of a button. The Dispatching module supports you with the optimum control and supply of your network with containers and loading equipment. This is based on stock limit management for all container accounts. 

The results are displayed clearly using traffic lights or red-amber-green indicators. This means that you can quickly identify the critical points in the network at a glance and you can arrange for replacement supplies or the disposal of empty containers from a central point (push principle). Alternatively, partners can also order loading equipment via the Container Management System (pull principle). You receive a clear display of these orders and can process them directly in the system.


  • optimum security of supply for the container network 
  • avoidance of too much buffer stock of containers with individual partners 
  • reduction of the risk of out-of-stock situations
  • targeted tracking of problem cases 
  • reduction of time spent on searching