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Automatic checking of account statements 

EURO-LOG Container Management

In a supply chain you work together with customers who operate their own container management systems in order to control supply chains on a cross-company basis. This means that there are multiple systems which need to be kept up to date at the same time. In order to minimize the duplication of tasks here and to make coordination as simple as possible - for example comparing balances between your own business and your customers - EURO-LOG offers the Difference Report.

On the basis of modern integration technologies, the checking of account and balance statuses between the different systems is automated. Any discrepancies arising, e.g. different account statuses or divergent bookings, are listed in a clearly laid out report and can be directly processed and adjusted there. The time-consuming manual searching for and settling these differences by your employees is no longer necessary. 

Immediate benefits

  • automatic comparison of the information in different IT systems
  • only discrepancies still need to be looked into 
  • considerable reduction of process costs 
  • faster completion of the necessary adjustments 
  • simple checking of the reimbursements requested
  • better adherence to compliance requirements due to complete invoice checking 
  • higher employee satisfaction