Time Slot Management for SCM

The best way of controlling the inbound flow of goods

EURO-LOG Time Slot Management for SCM

With Time Slot Management you can optimize your inbound goods process in the unloading bay. Which order is going to be delivered at what time, on which truck and at which gate and what does this mean for the subsequent processes? 

With Time Slot Management from EURO-LOG you have the right answer to this question at all times and you can plan the optimum level of warehouse personnel for unloading. The incorporation of mobile devices makes the dynamic control of goods deliveries possible. With the help of a structured delivery system you also avoid arrivals of trucks unevenly distributed over the day, blocked access roads and parking spaces and long waiting times for trucks with the associated delay charges. 

In summary, what this means for you is more transparency and more information with reduced costs. The booking of a time slot can be done by the transport service provider or the supplier directly, but time slots can also be specified for unloading. The length of the time slot will depend on the volume being delivered. Thanks to flexible operation with the drag-and-drop functionality as well as the possibility of including mobile terminals for the driver, rapid reaction is possible at all times to changes and problems, such as the truck being delayed by heavy traffic.


  • better capacity planning for personnel
  • optimized control of resources at the unloading bay 
  • reduction of waiting times and the delay charges associated with this 
  • increased satisfaction of carriers 
  • simple inclusion of mobile devices
  • better quality of information, e.g. by taking account of ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  • optimization and control of follow-up processes thanks to more accurate information