Time Slot Management from EURO-LOG

Transparency and efficient control of an order right to the unloading bay

EURO-LOG Time Slot Management - overview

With the intelligent collaboration of businesses, forwarding agents, carriers and warehouse operators, the situation at the loading and unloading bay can be made considerably more relaxed. With the Time Slot Management System from EURO-LOG, defined loading and unloading locations and times can be managed dynamically and the system can be embedded seamlessly into the existing IT landscape. By using ordering and delivery information and / or status or ETA information from the carrier, Dispatching can react dynamically to actual events and achieve advantages for all those involved. The inbuilt flexibility of the system means that it can also be easily adapted to the processes within the business. 

EURO-LOG Time Slot Management offers the following possibilities

  • optimized resource planning for all participants  
  • can be used for procurement, distribution and works traffic 
  • sustainable control of resources by even utilization and early balancing of capacities 
  • Time Slot Management Basis - dynamic slot planning for all loading and unloading operations by the integration of real-time information
  • Alerting for automated notifications in case of problems 
  • extensive and transparent Reporting with standard reports, dynamic reports and individual evaluations 
  • inclusion of mobile solutions or electronic data transmission systems
  • simple integration of status information right through to the dynamic calculation of arrival times (ETA information)