Create connections. Work with your partners. Control processes.

Connect. Collaborate. Control.


For more than 25 years, we have been providing IT services to shippers and logistics service providers who know that logistics is much more than just transporting goods from A to B. It is only through the coordination of all the partners along international supply chains that synergies can be created which enable a competitive transportation of goods.

But who are the people behind the EURO-LOG AG?

We bring together a variety of skills and experiences to provide a potential which employees and management describe as follows:

  • as entrepreneurs within the company, we carefully weigh up costs and benefits when we develop innovative solutions with our customers.
  • We draw from as many skills and experiences as we have people. An open management style and flat hierarchies ensure that they develop into productive ideas.
  • When implementing new developments, we want to be the first with innovative and productive applications, because we love it if our customer is ahead of the competition with a good idea.
  • We think in terms of processes and thus quickly get access to the requirements and solutions of a wide variety of industries.
  • A long-term and dynamic relationship with our customers is important to us. This allows us to constantly provide them with new impetus for more cost-effective processes.

Our Mission

We connect you and your partners in real time, create a transparent supply chain for a better cooperation and give you a maximum control of your logistics processes.


CREATE CONNECTIONS – on the EUROLOG SCM PLATFORM, which brings transparency to all the processes in your supply chain. The platform rapidly integrates your partners’ data into your system from various information sources – be this via EDI, Web EDI, web services, mobile app solutions or agent technology. The open-interface platform builds the foundations for a rapid and sustainable digital transformation of your transport processes throughout your global supply chain.


WORK WITH YOUR PARTNERS – throughout your supply chain with the aid of a common platform. You and your partners can now speak the same IT language, communicate in real time and access a shared data pool. We provide you with support from end to end – from ordering through to delivery. This also includes overarching processes such as container management, shipment tracking and mobile logistics solutions.


CONTROL PROCESSES – actively and systematically. With the EUROLOG SCM PLATFORM, you only see what is relevant to you. Unnecessary floods of data are a thing of the past. The platform shows you deviations from the process in real time, enabling you to react quickly. Innovative apps, active notifications and fully automated event management solutions are now at your disposal. You can also tap in to the potential of big data. Simply interface with the platform and gain new knowledge.


  • elogistics award 2017 

Volkswagen Konzernlogistik and EURO-LOG have been presented with an award for their joint transport management project “Discovery – Digital Supply Chain Communication”.

  • Initiative Mittelstand “Best Of” Innovation Award for IT 2017

With its container management solution, including the app, EURO-LOG AG was amongst the best in the “Industry & Logistics” category. 

  • Initiative Mittelstand “Best Of” Innovation Award for IT 2016

Initiative Mittelstand has awarded the Innovation Award for IT to the software solution ONE TRACK®.

  • elogistics award 2015

EURO-LOG won with the procurement management solution for the customer Rhenus Freight Logistics at the 30th International Automotive Congress 

  • TOPLIST of Telematics 2014

EURO-LOG was presented with an award by the trade journal Telematik-Markt as a recommended provider of telematics solutions. EURO-LOG also qualified as a member of the TOPLIST of Telematics in the past three years.

  • Initiative Mittelstand “Best Of” Innovation Award for IT

EURO-LOG was short-listed for the Innovation Award for IT in the “Innovation & Logistics” category for the Track&Trace system of cloud-based ONE TRACK shipment tracking which is used by the manufacturer of sensor technology Balluff.

  • Best in Cloud Award 2012 (from COMPUTERWOCHE)

ONE TRACK shipment tracking was awarded the Best in Cloud Award with the reference customer Tech Data. The project came out on top in the “Hybrid Cloud” category with its transparent supply of information to specialist retailers.

  • elogistics award 2006

The container management was presented with an award for the efficient management of the loading equipment used by the Woco Group.



Our history
Volkswagen Group and EURO-LOG won the elogistics award 2017

Quarter of a century of EURO-LOG

In 2017, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary and presented its award-winning EUROLOG SCM PLATFORM at the transport logistic trade fair.

The AKJ Automotive Congress gave the transport management solution for the inbound division of the Volkswagen Group the elogistics award for its open, web-based information and data exchange hub.

EURO-LOG Web app technology

Web app technology

In 2016, EURO-LOG developed web apps to meet the latest requirements. This made time-consuming searches a thing of the past. Search results defined as relevant are automatically reported to those responsible in real-time.

Cloud with real time solutions

Real-time solutions

Networked systems and the shared use of data platforms were already part of personal life, as well as business life, in 2014. On the other hand, the latest development projects, such as Industry 4.0., were concerned with realising the economic benefits in the cloud. With state-of-the-art technology and the use of tried-and-tested real time solutions, EURO-LOG set standards for the digitalisation and control of logistics processes along international supply chains.

EURO-LOG GmbH transformed into AG

Path towards a leadership role

In 2002. EURO-LOG GmbH was transformed into a joint stock company, EURO-LOG AG. This set the course for expansion. The position on the market as a software provider for logistics was strengthened. In 2006, the company received its first award for its cloud-based container management system.

Management Buy Out

Entrepreneurs in the company

In 1997, Deutsche Telekom was concentrating entirely on its core business in preparation for the second flotation on the stock market. For the employees of EURO-LOG, this was the right time to take over the company as a “people owned company”. They took the opportunity and extended the portfolio of services to include independent applications.

EURO-LOG Pioneer of data integration

Pioneer of data integration

When the world was still eagerly awaiting the Windows 3.1 update from Microsoft, there was a growing realisation that the potential of IT systems can be found in their interconnection and the unlimited exchange of data. In 1992, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and Digital Equipment established the joint venture EURO-LOG in order to create a platform for connecting a wide variety of IT systems, applications and value creation stages.