End-to-End optimisation of all supply chain processes

IT solutions for industrial companies

IT solutions for industrial companies

Goods flows in industrial companies are extremely complex. In a product cycle that is moving at an ever-faster pace, it can be a challenge to ensure constant material availability for efficient production and reliable processes for dispatching goods to the customer or for further processing.
With our modular solutions, EURO-LOG can optimise and automate all supply chain processes, helping companies across all sectors of industry to plan their processes with greater accuracy.
Depending on your needs, we integrate logistics service providers, suppliers, wholesalers and end customers and provide transparent business processes on the basis of standardised communication with all partners. Through enhanced processes and automation, companies can cut out unnecessary costs.
EURO-LOG provides flexible and fast integration of all partners and data via EDI, web EDI, web services, agent technology and mobile devices to ensure real-time data exchange across the network.

Automated notifications for high security of supply

With improved ETA data and delivery notes available in advance, gates and ramps can be proactively managed based on needs and specific deliveries can be prioritised. Truck processing times are reduced and the workload of staff in goods inward is significantly reduced.
Communication with suppliers and logistics service providers is consistent and takes place in real-time. The EURO-LOG SCM PLATFORM allows all data to be intelligently collated, resulting in more effective collaboration between all parties in the chain.
In turn, this means that deviations can be flagged up at an early stage through proactive system messages (alerting). Complications – such as deviations from the agreed price or missing order confirmations – can be resolved faster and with greater reliability.
The wide range of reporting options in the EURO-LOG procurement management system support companies during supplier evaluation, selection and controlling.

Global real-time transparency across the entire transport network

Transparency is the key word in the EURO-LOG transport management system (TMS). The TMS is a central location that gathers data from all parties involved: globally and in real time, regardless of the service provider and no matter how many providers are used.
The EURO-LOG web apps actively provide information on relevant events. Users can see all of the key information at a glance, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches. The software is quick to set up and can be expanded as required.

Cost reduction in the container cycle

The EURO-LOG container management system standardises processes in goods inward and goods outward. Each process partner in the container cycle knows exactly how many containers they have in their possession – enabling companies to track their containers, loading equipment and transport resources at all times to minimise container losses and reduce costs.
The data is integrated using industrial standards and ranges from web services and web EDI access through to direct EDI connection.

Consistent information in track & trace

ONE TRACK shipment tracking connects companies, suppliers and transport providers with each other in real time. The IT solution collects status information and electronic documents from all of the transport service providers involved in the shipment process. It automatically searches for new information or acquires this directly from various data sources, such as EDI interfaces, web services, websites or apps.
The collected information is standardised and transferred to the customer’s ERP systems, webshops or portals, apps and data warehouses. All of this takes place with no complex on-site installation; ONE TRACK is accessed via a web application.
ONE TRACK can be flexibly and swiftly extended or combined with other IT solutions for logistics purposes, including the route module or Mobile Track.

Reduced workload in goods inward and goods outward

With Mobile Track, delivery, collection, transport and pick-ups are processed electronically. All steps – from scanning a barcode and obtaining a signature to taking photographs to document damage – can be completed on mobile devices.
With real-time transmission of the current location and the estimated time of arrival (ETA), dynamic timeframe management can be used to manage collection and delivery slots. The Mobile Scan module supports loading and unloading directly in the hangar as well as the administration of the hangar inventory.
Loading equipment can also be monitored directly via an app, which integrates seamlessly with Mobile Track. The CMS app makes it easier to book containers in the system. Containers can be recorded on the go in both goods inward and goods outward using a scanner, a smartphone or a tablet. There is no need to manually input data or fill in paper forms, which reduces the potential for incorrect information to be recorded.

Brochures and case studies

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Container management at ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG

For managing the movements of loading equipment between companies, ALPLA introduces the Container Management system from EURO-LOG.

The case study

Cross-company transparency for container movements

ONE TRACK shipment tracking at Balluff

Balluff uses a standard monitoring system for the delivery times of its global transports.

The Case Study

Global delivery time monitoring with long-term archive

EURO-LOG Logistics platform at Clariant International Ltd

Thanks to the EURO-LOG logistics platform, clariant can flexibly integrate external logistics companies into the in-house sap system.

The Case Study

Clariant-SAP® talks to the systems operated by its service providers

EURO-LOG Container management at Continental

EURO-LOG's container management system enables Continental to control cross-company loading equipment movements right through to the customer.

The Case Study

Continental relies on container management from EURO-LOG

EURO-LOG ONE TRACK shipment tracking at Continental

The aim of the Track & Trace project for Continental was to optimise customer service and to make communication with customers easier by improving the information base.

The Case Study

Europe-wide Track & Trace for greater customer service

EURO-LOG procurement management at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG automates its goods inward flow with the EURO-LOG Supply Chain Management solution.

The Case Study

Automated procurement logistics with EURO-LOG

EURO-LOG container management at HYDAC

HYDAC achieves a company-wide view of the physical inventories of in-house and customer containers.

The Case Study

Comprehensive container management at HYDAC


Digitalising the logistics chain creates the transparency needed to elevate cooperation between process partners to the next level.

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