Bell Schweiz AG standardises delivery processes and optimises container cycles

Thanks to the IT solutions of Euro Log, Bell has standardised, digital detection and logistics processes at its command. The SCM platform from Euro Log provides a foundation for communication and data for all process participants in real time.

Initial situation at Bell

The Swiss meat processor Bell supplies around 1,500 customers from wholesalers to butchers from eleven plants. The logistical complexity therefore lies in the acquisition of the material handling equipment (MHE) for different customer systems, the allocation of deliveries to the various customer systems and the consolidation of deliveries to six handling platforms.

Standardised digital assessment

Instead of manually counting and recording the necessary MHE, employees at the goods outward scan each unit used in the fresh product area. The master data stored in the system automatically assign the data to the corresponding customer system. This reduces the effort and the potential for errors upon recording the entries at goods outward. With a simple scan the data is transferred to the corresponding customer system and the correct MHE delivery notes are automatically created.

The SCM platform from Euro Log provides a foundation for communication and data in real time

Following collection, the ERP-SAP system at Bell Schweiz AG consolidates and sends the data to the SCM platform. Each of Bell's 1,500 customers is assigned to one of Bell's six transshipment platforms. Depending on the customer's order, one or more of the eleven plants deliver the ordered goods to the respective hub. Here, due to the route planning, the delivery is packed, to include packing of the MHE.
Upon delivery, the carrier scans the SSC code on the consignee label on the MHE container and records any deviations from the planned delivery and the MHE preload. He sends the data to the SCM platform. Reference to the proof of delivery documentation enables Bell Schweiz AG to recognise whether and which containers have remained at the transshipment point or with the customer.
Bell has comprehensive insight into the current stock at all times and can track the location and retention time. At a single glance, Bell can identify the stock at each plant and the critical deliveries. In the event of a delay, Bell employees can inform the customer promptly and proactively. Bell also receives automated reports on stocks, transactions, risk factors and account statements for the MHE.

Key elements of the project at a glance

  • Simple integration and merging of customer and supplier systems
  • Real-time access for all process owners via the SCM platform
  • Transparency in the cross-company container cycle
  • Automated booking via the SAP/BMS interface
  • Container management app for mobile devices
  • Reduction of container shrinkage and MHE purchases

EURO-LOG Contact for Bell

Claus Süskind
Head of Sales

Am Söldnermoos 17
85399 Hallbergmoos-Munich

Phone: +49 811 9595-109
Fax: +49 811 9595-199

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