Full transparency in the supply chain with transport management

Transparent flow of goods, higher customer satisfaction and cost reduction: EURO-LOG transport management allows Ingram Micro and its customers to track the shipment status across Europe in real time


Before introducing the cloud-based ONE TRACK transport management solution, Ingram Micro was only able to track its goods with a great deal of effort and expense once they had been transferred to the logistics service provider. This meant that the leading ITC wholesaler did not have access to prompt information on whether the goods had already been delivered to the customer or whether problems or delays had occurred during transport.

Information gaps also existed in Inbound. How many lorries were due to arrive? What is loaded on the lorry? How many pallets or packages are due to arrive? How much time and resources are required for unloading? Before introducing the solution, Ingram Micro had no answers to these questions.


Ingram Micro has been using the EURO-LOG AG Transport Management System (TMS) since 2004. When the cloud-based ONE TRACK was launched on the market in 2009, Ingram Micro was soon looking to benefit from the new opportunity.

To start with, the distributor only used the software to obtain transport status data for its shipments. These data were prepared for internal systems. Ingram Micro now makes
full use of ONE TRACK and can, for example, provide full transparency of all orders for its customers directly in its online shop, regardless of which of the over 40 service providers are used to transport the respective shipment.

These days, ONE TRACK is used by the Ingram Micro online shops in the DACH region and the Netherlands. The distributor also uses the software in its fulfilment business.


Since the implementation of ONE TRACK, Ingram Micro has had a reliable and comprehensive overview of all its transports in the central EURO-LOG cloud.

  • Higher customer satisfaction thanks to shipment tracking with just one platform

ONE TRACK enables all shipment statuses to be centrally tracked via a single platform, regardless of which and how many service providers are involved in the transport process. This saves on research effort on the internet sites of the various logistics service providers in use.

Ingram Micro customers can independently track the status of their orders in real time, as ONE TRACK can easily be integrated into websites and online shops. The solution adapts to the corporate design of the respective site. This self-service allowed Ingram Micro to reduce the number of customer enquiries in the call centre and simultaneously improve customer satisfaction. Customer Support now has enough time to concentrate on important customer problems instead of just acting as a research and information department.

  • Carrier and delivery time evaluation

ONE TRACK provides a detailed insight into the entire transport network — in a manner that is neutral as to the service provider, and irrespective of the number of service providers used. This function enables the delivery times of all carriers to be checked in real time using a single central portal. The actual performance is determined based on clear reports. For example, the delivery times of the service providers are visually displayed on a map. Weaknesses in the transport network can be found at a glance at the postcode level. This provides a reliable decision-making basis for rapid remedial measures or a replacement of the service provider in these areas. This allows shipment times to be optimised.

  • “Management by exception” with alerting

The software’s alerting function provides an early warning system for Ingram Micro. The system automatically monitors the transport processes for the occurrence or non-occurrence of previously defined events (e.g. if the goods did not reach the customer on time). The alerting function ensures a quick notification via email or SMS in case of deviations so that an immediate response can be implemented.

Download the Ingram Micro case study as a PDF.


Ingram Micro was able to significantly optimise its goods inward flow and improve the “Inbound Cycle Time”. The distributor can now control the inbound flow of goods depending on the priority of the goods. The prioritised dispatch of the goods is made possible because Ingram Micro knows precisely which and how many goods are located on which lorry and when this will arrive. This allows urgently expected deliveries to be processed first and ensures the optimal scheduling of the necessary warehouse staff for unloading.


The combination of the EURO-LOG modules makes it possible for Ingram Micro to offer customers “rolling goods”, i.e. supplier goods on the way to Ingram Micro.

Because Ingram Micro knows precisely which goods and what amount is located on a specific lorry, the leading distributor can use the information to sell goods “from the lorry” even before it arrives at the warehouse.

The customer sees the date of expected product availability as well as the availability quantity in the Ingram Micro online shop and can place an order before the goods have been received by Ingram Micro. The integration of the rolling stock allows Ingram Micro to increase sales, as the company can offer more goods to its customers.


The ONE TRACK web application can be operated intuitively. The clear web apps displayed on the user interface are constantly automatically updated with regard to the current shipment status.

The user can individually configure the web apps and has a range of filter options, e.g. shipments without status in the past 48 hours, shipments refused, shipments with incorrect addresses, etc.

“The web app functionality means that ONE TRACK has a particularly high usability. This saves time as well as money”, emphasizes Armin Bergbauer, CIO Germany & Senior Director Application Development Europe at Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH.

About Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH

As a leading distributor in information technology and telecommunications, Ingram Micro provides comprehensive technology and logistics services for 35,000 customers. The wholesaler offers up to 100,000 ITC products from over 350 renowned manufacturers. The Regional Distribution Center in Straubing is the largest ITC logistics centre in Europe and the centrepiece of the logistics services provided by Ingram Micro and provides comprehensive supply chain solutions. 60,000 packages leave this distribution centre every day.

Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH is a subsidiary of Ingram Micro Inc., headquartered in Santa Ana, USA. The group has subsidiaries in 39 countries on six continents and delivers to customers in 170 countries.

More information is available at https://de.ingrammicro.eu/ or https://www.ingrammicro.com.

EURO-LOG Contact for Ingram Micro

Claus Süskind
Head of Sales

Am Söldnermoos 17
85399 Hallbergmoos-Munich

Phone: +49 811 9595-109
Fax: +49 811 9595-199
E-Mail: c.sueskind@eurolog.com

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