Automation and digitalisation in logistics

IT solutions for retail

IT solutions for retail

In retail, one thing matters above all else – and that is product availability. Retailers must stock products in sufficient volumes to meet customer demand, and goods need to arrive in the right place at the right time. With cost pressure on the rise, optimised warehouse capacity and delivery channels are crucial to business success. Companies that always have just the right volume of goods in their warehouse – without any surplus or shortages – and that can order more stock to arrive exactly when they need it, have a distinct competitive advantage.
By bringing together all of the partners in national and international supply chains, we help retailers implement transport processes that give them this competitive edge. With our solutions, suppliers, carriers and retailers all benefit from the automation and digitalisation of the supply chain.

Transparent supply chain for product availability you can count on

Our solutions harmonise the information and data of all parties involved in the logistics process and collate this data in real-time on a single, shared platform.
Standardised electronic communication with all suppliers and logistics service providers, coupled with the intelligent linking of information, enables all parties to work together more efficiently.
Automated notifications improve ETA data; delivery notes can be obtained electronically in advance; gates and ramps can be proactively managed based on needs, and specific deliveries can be prioritised – which all helps to significantly reduce truck waiting times during unloading.
Standardised purchasing processes eliminate the need for manual data entry. This reduces the workload for the procurement team, freeing them up to focus on deviations and to resolve complications faster – with the help of proactive alerts for issues such as price differences or missing order confirmations.

One Transport Management System (TMS) for the entire network

The EURO-LOG TMS provides clarity during delivery or on the journey to the end customer – regardless of the number of logistics service providers employed. With just one software package, companies can achieve global, real-time transparency across the entire transport network.
The TMS automatically selects the best logistics service provider for each shipment, taking price, capacity and quality into account. Slots can be booked directly from within the order.
The EURO-LOG web apps actively provide information on relevant events. The user sees important information at a glance and lengthy searches are completely unnecessary.
Online customers can also seamlessly track the transport status of deliveries in real time via the webshop, and can opt to receive notifications of any changes.

Long-Term improvements in shipping times

With our ONE TRACK shipment tracking solution, all transport provider status information is centrally collated and standardised. Transport in goods procurement becomes transparent – regardless of whether it is en route to the warehouse, the store or directly to the customer. Active, real-time notifications and alerts can be directly integrated in the webshop or ERP system.
ONE TRACK allows you to create a detailed evaluation for transport providers based on status messages and the information collected. Whether you want to focus on a specific region or an entire country, your company can objectively and reliably identify which transport providers are delivering within the agreed timeframe. This service provider evaluation serves as the basis for future orders, resulting in long-term improvements in your company’s shipping times.

Track containers, loading equipment and transport resources at any time

Our container management system gives companies a completely transparent overview of all load carrier flows with returnable containers. The EURO-LOG SCM platform serves as the basis for common communication and information for all process participants in the container cycle and ensures uniform processes in goods inward and goods outward. All suppliers and logistics service providers are connected via the EURO-LOG SCM platform, which means that data and information is exchanged between all parties involved in real time.
The intelligent use of RFID eliminates the need for manual booking. By exposing container losses and, in turn, reducing replacement container purchases, the solution also cuts costs significantly.

Mobile logistics solutions

With Mobile Track, carriers and dispatchers can easily manage, communicate and document their transport orders via the app. Delivery, collections, transport and pick-ups can be arranged electronically. All steps – from scanning a barcode and obtaining a signature to taking photographs to document damage – can be completed on mobile devices. The combination of real-time data from the EURO-LOG SCM platform and mobile status tracking via Mobile Track brings transparency to the process.
Loading equipment can also be monitored directly via an app, which integrates seamlessly with Mobile Track. The CMS app makes it easier to book containers in the system. Containers can be recorded on the go in both goods inward and goods outward using a scanner, a smartphone or a tablet. There is no need to manually enter the container or fill in paper forms, which reduces the potential for incorrect information to be recorded.

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EURO-LOG ONE TRACK shipment tracking at ElectronicPartner

Electronic partner monitors the delivery duration of shipments to specialist retailers and markets in the buying group using the EURO-LOG ONE TRACK cloud solution

The Case Study

Zum Anwenderbericht The Case Study

Electronicpartner uses ONE TRACK shipment tracking


Digitalising the logistics chain creates the transparency needed to elevate cooperation between process partners to the next level.

SCM Platform Brochure

Connect. Collaborate. Control. EUROLOG SCM Platform

EURO-LOG Transport management at Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH

Transparent flow of goods, higher customer satisfaction and cost reduction: EURO-LOG transport management allows Ingram Micro and its customer to track the shipment status across europe in real time.

Zum Anwenderbericht The Case Study

Full transparency in the supply chain with transport management

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