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Transport management

With our transport management system (TMS), you can optimise all your transport processes as well as your cooperation with your logistics service providers – both in procurement and distribution. You can connect your logistics service providers to your processes and systems via an interface and control and monitor your global transport chain for potential process-critical deviations. The result is an optimum “management by exception” in real time and a maximum level of transparency, whilst simultaneously reducing manual effort and the number of costly errors in the process.

On what transport route are the goods being sent? Which service provider is the best in terms of quality, availability and price? Is there a complete guarantee that everything will function properly?

The right service provider is selected through the service provider screening process. For each transport operation, a range of criteria are used to select the partner who best meets your requirements from your pool of contractual partners. Or do you want to advertise individual transport operations for bids in an auction? The TMS can do this easily via the integrated bidding function in your browser.

The system also returns the label printing and generates the transport order upon release – whether the goods are being sent by sea, air, land or CEP transport. Around the world, we provide access to more than 90 relevant transport service providers – and new ones are constantly being added.

Freight invoicing takes place via the TMS billing portal. Here, the agreed tariffs are managed and every transport operation is invoiced automatically. The calculated transport costs can be used for credit note procedures or invoice verification.

Together with Volkswagen Konzernlogistik, we won the elogistics award 2017 for the TMS solution for the inbound division of the Volkswagen Group. The solution impressed the AKJ jury with its open information and data exchange platform.

  • Reduced complexity in transport management due to a simplification of the process with a single interface for many different logistics service providers.
  • The software is quick to set up and can be expanded on a modular basis as required.
  • EURO-LOG AG has 25 years of experience in the operation and connection of service provider interfaces


  • Service provider screening and transport operation auction:

in the service provider screening module, the best service provider according to price and quality criteria is automatically selected. Individual transport operations are also put out for tender to a selected circle of service providers (bidding platform).

  • Labelling:

the labelling module allows the direct generation of service provider labels. An extensive standard portfolio of labels is already available. New labels can be added easily and flexibly.

  • Time slot management:

Collections are planned by booking time slots via our time slot management. Slots can be booked for your transport service providers directly from the order. This enables you to know precisely when the goods will be collected. The software handles the increasing number of HGVs on the ramp without any problems and is very easy to use thanks to drag&drop technology.

  • ONE TRACK shipment tracking:

With this Track&Trace system, all the transport operations can be monitored centrally. The status notifications of all the service providers can also be viewed. You are now able to provide information to your end customers. You can also integrate the status notifications into your website / your web shop, so that customers can also track their shipment themselves at any time.

  • Event management:

With the help of the “management by exception”, all of the transport processes can be automatically checked for deviations. It has an early warning system which informs you about process deviations promptly, e.g. if goods have not left the warehouse by a particular time, or if a delivery is delayed on the way to the customer. You can set individual events about which you wish to be alerted.

  • Reporting:

This element of the TMS uses the data from the transport orders and associated status confirmations and creates helpful evaluations. This reporting results in a reliable controlling of service providers. Ad-hoc evaluations can also be carried out at any time, e.g. "show me all  GLS shipments in the last four weeks which have taken longer than 24 hours".

  • Container management:

To the EURO-LOG container management solution

  • Billing portal:

All the tariffs and offers for all partners are mapped comprehensibly in the billing portal. The calculation of all orders takes place on the basis of these tariffs which can be viewed by all partners. This makes a joint clarification of the freight costs possible between shippers and service providers. Undisputed items are added to the next bill. Disputed items can be marked and the clarification documented. As a result, the invoices you receive from your service provider will contain values which have already been agreed. You can optionally settle your account with individual or all service providers via the credit note procedure.

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The aim of the Track & Trace project for Continental was to optimise customer service and to make communication with customers easier by improving the information base.

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Europe-wide Track & Trace for greater customer service

EURO-LOG Transport management at Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH

Transparent flow of goods, higher customer satisfaction and cost reduction: EURO-LOG transport management allows Ingram Micro and its customer to track the shipment status across europe in real time.

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Full transparency in the supply chain with transport management

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