Container management - pallets, load carriers and containers at a glance

Save costs by monitoring container movements

Container management

The Container Management System (CMS) gives you company-wide transparency with regard to your container cycle and informs you where your load carriers are in real time. Containers, such as pallets, pallet cages and disposable and returnable containers are managed in a standardised manner. You can systematically uncover weaknesses and container losses in your network and keep an eye on your container movements.

The solution is constantly being developed and adapted for future requirements in reference projects, such as the RAN research project for the automotive industry based on the use of RFID which is funded by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the FORFood project for the trade/distribution sector, and the Industry 4.0 research project which was initiated by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

The integration of the Container Management System in the EUROLOG SCM PLATFORM makes cross-partner booking of all the exchanged containers possible. The system enables you to fully track not just full containers but also empty ones.

Container scheduling, difference reports for comparison with other portals and extensive reporting ensure professional container management. With the Container Management System, you can reduce the amount you spend on buying new or replacement load carriers, whilst maintaining a high level of availability for production and shipping.

  • Transparency with regard to the entire container cycle in real time
  • Booking of the exchanged load carriers by all partners possible
  • Detection of container losses and reduced shrinkage


  • Common database:

All the partners involved in your container network will be integrated quickly and securely via B2B integration. This common basis for the data creates overall transparency. Everyone involved can access the same database in real time.
The certified SAP interface allows a wide variety of data to be transferred to the system, for example delivery notes.

  • Automated data comparison.

Customers, suppliers and logistics service providers with different IT systems work along the supply system. In a comparison of the different container accounts, there is often no common database.

In order to minimise additional effort for the manual checking of receivables and to make the coordination as easy as possible, we offer a difference report. This compares the balance of your own company with that of your customer, for example. Manual processes are a thing of the past.

  • Mobile container booking:

The use of the container management app (CMS app) within the container management system simplifies the booking of containers. With our container management app (CMS app), you can book your containers on the move – rapidly, easily and directly in the warehouse, in goods inward and goods outward. The application replaces all manual processes, such as the completion and subsequent digitalisation of booking forms.

The app is easy and intuitive to use. Any standard scanner and all current smartphones with Android operating systems support the application.

  • Evaluation of the partners’ performance:

Thanks to detailed reporting functions, you can evaluate the performance of the individual partners objectively with performance-related tariffs and identify potential for improvement. You will get an overview of the average stay of the load carriers and the stock. This allows weaknesses to be uncovered and out-of-stock situations to be avoided.
Stock limits are managed for the accounts. The system shows when follow-up deliveries or collections of empties must be initiated (push principle). Alternatively, your suppliers can order containers (pull principle).

Brochures and case studies

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Container management at ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG

For managing the movements of loading equipment between companies, ALPLA introduces the Container Management system from EURO-LOG.

The case study

Cross-company transparency for container movements

EURO-LOG Container management at Continental

EURO-LOG's container management system enables Continental to control cross-company loading equipment movements right through to the customer.

The Case Study

Continental relies on container management from EURO-LOG

EURO-LOG container management at HYDAC

HYDAC achieves a company-wide view of the physical inventories of in-house and customer containers.

The Case Study

Comprehensive container management at HYDAC


Digitalising the logistics chain creates the transparency needed to elevate cooperation between process partners to the next level.

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