Concentration on the essentials

EURO-LOG WebApps – in an intelligent way we transfer the experience of the apps to the world of our IT solutions to save you time and money

WebApp concept

Our WebApp concept supports efficient working. Our motto is: actively searching for information is a thing of the past! WebApps can do this for you.

You can put relevant search queries, like “Show all damaged shipments of the past two days”, as WebApp icons to your search page. The WebApps are able to update themselves. By showing numbers in real time, they indicate how many results have been found per search request. If a WebApp finds a result, it displays this on the interface or optionally triggers an automatic notification, e.g. in the form of an email or report. A brief glance is all that is needed to decide whether or not any action is necessary. Save time with our state-of-the-art technology.

Important  WebApps can be prominently shown on the main menu after the log in process, so that the status of these requests can be spotted immediately.

Standard package

The standard package includes five WebApps per user, two of which can have a high refresh rate.

Your employees can set up the WebApps by themselves. With the help of the WebApps it is possible to get at quick overview of the current situation and of the problem cases to be handled. That is how we support an active management by exception at user level.

Innovative user concepts

The interfaces can be configured differently for a range of user roles. And this can all be done easily in your web browser with “drag & drop”. The result is that every user sees precisely what they need for an efficient workflow – all the relevant information at a glance. The interface can be configured by an administrator at the customer’s end, or by us in the project. This means that new requirements can be implemented rapidly and at no extra cost.


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