Cross-company transparency for container movements right across Europe

For managing the movements of loading equipment between companies,
ALPLA introduces the Container Management system from EURO-LOG


ALPLA, the plastic packaging specialist, relies on the Container Management system from EURO-LOG for the management of its pallet cages. With the intelligent software solution it will be possible to map the circulation of containers between companies both internally and externally in future. ALPLA has a view of the actual stocks of containers in the new system in real time at a glance. The software solution gives ALPLA transparency over the container movements of high value pallet cages, pallets and multi-trip loading units which are loaned to different customers. 
The reasons for introducing the innovative solution from EURO-LOG are the high level of manual effort involved and the lack of transparency regarding the movements of loading equipment at ALPLA. 

Previously, container data were recorded in in-house systems and there was no overall view available for customers. The return of empty units and the matching up of customer accounts both generated high expenditure and, not least, dissatisfaction with the customer. Discrepancies had to be reconciled in time-consuming and costly processes.

Active control of container movements

Thanks to the web-based tool from EURO-LOG, active control of container movements is now possible for ALPLA. Barriers to this in terms of system technology were quickly overcome as ALPLA and all its partners now have a common, transparent data base – without converting their own systems. The controller in charge of empty units at the factory quickly has an overview of all transactions with the customer. 

„With the Container Management system from EURO-LOG we achieve transparency both for ourselves and for our customers. For us the advantage of the system lies in its ability to be individually adapted and its flexible extension possibilities.“

Walter Edthofer, Corporate Logistics Manager, ALPLA


In addition to simplified coordination, it is now possible to have empty units returned according to requirements and at optimum cost. Authorization profiles can be individually adapted to in-house employees and customers so that everyone has access to the relevant data. For ALPLA the advantage of the Container Management system lies in the fact that it is a cross-company solution which provides internal and external transparency. After the rapid implementation of a two-month pilot project, the system has now been put into real-time operation right across Europe. 

Download the Balluff case study as a PDF

About ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG

Products: Plastic packaging
Production plants: 149 in 39 countries
Employees: 13.000
Turnover 2012: € 3,00 billion

EURO-LOG Contact for ALPLA

Ursula Anders
Key Account Manager

Am Söldnermoos 17
85399 Hallbergmoos-Munich

Phone: +49 811 9595-169
Fax: +49 811 9595-199


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