Transparent Logistics Processes for air conditioning engineers, installation companies and construction firms

With ONE TRACK shipment tracking and the “VitoTrack” app developed by EURO-LOG, Viessmann and its customers can track any of their shipments at any time, enabling engineers, installers and other specialist partners to plan with greater accuracy.

ONE TRACK: Always up to date with web app, multi-cloud and RPA

Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG develops air conditioning and cooling solutions for industry, the construction sector, municipalities and private customers. Depending on the size and weight of each order, the company uses freight providers as well as courier and parcel services to send out its roughly 125,000 shipments each month.

The IT solution developed for Viessmann is based on EURO-LOG’s multi-cloud platform and is comprised of a central system for employees and the customer app “VitoTrack”. The core element of the solution is ONE TRACK shipment tracking. Based on the principles of robotic process automation (RPA), ONE TRACK independently checks for new status information. The shipment tracking system translates the status data into consistent status messages in the user’s local language.

Employees can save regularly occurring events, such as rejected deliveries or reports of damage, as web apps. Saved web apps can be viewed in the dashboard and the results are updated constantly. ONE TRACK also proactively notifies users of defined events, such as if a delivery is going to be late or if its status has not been updated. The system provides an objective rating of the delivery time to allow Viessmann to evaluate the performance of each service provider and to check whether premium shipments were delivered by the agreed time. Digital proof of delivery (POD) receipts and other transport documents create an additional level of transparency in the distribution process.

Enhanced customer service with “VitoTrack” app

The “VitoTrack” app – which reflects the Viessmann corporate design – runs on both Android and iOS devices and is available in multiple languages. Viessmann customers can check the current status of their package and the expected delivery date at a glance. They can also filter orders based on a variety of criteria and save them as favourites. The alert function proactively informs users of new deliveries and status changes via push notification or email.

With the app at their fingertips, site logistics managers, engineers and installation companies can see when new goods or spare parts they have ordered will arrive. This information enables them to plan customer appointments with greater certainty and gives them more information to pass on to their customers.

Key elements of the project at a glance

  • Multi-cloud platform for seamless connection and real-time data
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) reduces the need to perform manual and time-consuming tasks
  • Tailored customer app for order track & trace service
  • Cross-sector solution
  • Web app technology for monitoring all shipment processes
  • Shipment tracking across all service providers
  • Consistent status messages for all service providers
  • Proactive notification for status changes
  • Digital delivery receipts and transport documents
  • Transparent distribution and objective evaluation of freight, courier and parcel service providers
  • End-to-end transparency throughout the supply chain


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