Rhenus France relies on Mobile Track for deliveries to stores

Rhenus France relies on Mobile Track for deliveries to stores

Logistic app, 04/22/2015

The Mobile Track logistics app is being used by Rhenus in France for managing deliveries to stores of an American US fashion label

Hallbergmoos-Munich – Rhenus has decided to rely on the Mobile Track logistics app from EURO-LOG to manage deliveries to an international fashion company's stores in France. HGV drivers use the app for creating and transmitting proof of delivery in real time. Rhenus' customer requires this in order to prove that deliveries have been made to stores. Drivers can use the app in French, English or German.

When a driver delivers the order to the individual branch of the store in a shopping mall, he scans the barcodes on the packages in their disposable containers. This includes checking for completeness, so the status of the delivery can be transmitted in real time. If as is often the case at the delivery bay of a shopping mall, the smartphone cannot get a signal when it generates the report, the app can also be used in off-line mode. The data are then transmitted as soon as the phone comes within range of a signal again. The status reports have been individually customised for Rhenus and can be transmitted in EDIFACT format. Thus the information is received and used by the Rhenus merchandise management system in real time.

The app was delivered for Rhenus within four weeks, since a quick resolution was needed to control deliveries to stores of the customer with branches throughout the world. Since Mobile Track is intuitively easy to use, training on the mobile app was done entirely over the phone.


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For 25 years, EURO-LOG has been providing IT services to shippers and logistics service providers who know that logistics is much more than just transporting goods from A to B. With the help of the EUROLOG SCM PLATFORM, the IT service provider connects all process partners involved in real time, creates a transparent supply chain to improve cooperation and offers managers maximum control.

The innovative IT solutions, which provide open service interfaces, are ready to use on the EUROLOG SCM PLATFORM: B2B Integration, Procurement Management, Transport Management, ONE TRACK Shipment Tracking, Container Management and Mobile Logistics Solutions. EURO-LOG’s solutions are currently used by international customers operating in sectors such as automotive, ecommerce & retail, industry and logistics as well as many others.

EURO-LOG was founded in 1992 as a joint venture by Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and Digital Equipment. The firm became a “people-owned company” in 1997 and developed into one of the leading providers of IT and process integration. Today, at the head office in Hallbergmoos-Munich with its own computer centres, more than 80 employees provide for transparency in logistic processes with innovative software applications and individual links.


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User interface of EURO-LOG Mobile Track at Rhenus France


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