Award for Rhenus Freight Industry Solutions

"100 Industry 4.0 locations in Baden-Württemberg" award for Rhenus Freight Industry Solutions

Award, 11/21/2016

Hallbergmoos, Munich – Intelligent, networked and attractive solutions for Industry 4.0 are one of the major trends of the 21st century – a fact recognised both by logistics company Rhenus Freight Industry Solutions and IT service provider EURO-LOG. The companies worked together to develop the web-based communication platform Rhenus Supply Chain Connect (RSCC), an innovative software application for procurement logistics using web app technologies. “Smart Sourcing”, the complete intelligent supply chain control concept developed by Rhenus Freight Industry Solutions, has now been recognised by the state of Baden-Württemberg as part of the “100 Industry 4.0 locations in Baden-Württemberg” competition. The RSCC communications platform, the control tower and standardised partner management system are the key success factors underpinning the concept. Back in 2015, Rhenus Freight Industry Solutions and EURO-LOG were awarded the elogistics award from AKJ Automotive in recognition of their collaborative work.

The RSCC platform impressed the panel with its promise to deliver transparency throughout the supply chain: Transport and information flows, processes, suppliers and logistics partners can be actively monitored and controlled in real-time. The solution ensures that Rhenus Freight Logistics and its customers are able to meet their delivery obligations, by innovatively linking IT modules that were previously operated completely independently. The implementation of EURO-LOG’s supply chain management solution (SCM solution) in September 2014 marked the introduction of a cross-location order management system for procurement.

Thanks to the web app concept in the RSCC module, logistics managers can avoid having to conduct unnecessary searches for relevant information, as predefined search results are reported automatically and in real-time. This means that any deviations in the shipping process can be responded to at an early stage. The web apps can be individually configured so that managers can see the information that is important for them, such as when goods have not been loaded by a certain time. The apps perform the data search and display any new information directly in the menu for the user to view at a glance, resulting in a highly user-friendly solution.

As an extended functionality of the SCM system, the Event Management module enables the implementation of "management by exception". The system checks compliance with business processes at previously defined points and actively informs those responsible, for example by email, if there are any deviations. This allows those involved to concentrate on deviations instead of monitoring and evaluating the entire process on the platform.

“Implementing the SCM solution has enabled us to create transparency within our supply chain and manage the complexity of our logistics processes with the aid of an easy-to-use software application. The solution has helped us to achieve the desired improved process quality and a sustainable reduction in logistics costs. At first, the control station users didn’t realise that they even needed the web apps — now, they don’t want to be without them. What’s more, thanks to the web apps, our customers have a simple and clear way of monitoring their deliveries”, says Robert Recknagel, former Product Manager for Freight Industry Solutions at Rhenus Freight Logistics.

The software-as-a-service application was implemented by EURO-LOG within a period of three months. The system was easily integrated into Rhenus Freight Logistics’ existing IT infrastructure and into the infrastructure of the logistics service provider’s customers. The fact that the solution is easy to integrate means that it boasts an exceptionally high level of flexibility, even when it comes to the addition of future Rhenus partners.

In the “100 Industry 4.0 locations in Baden-Württemberg” competition, the state looks for innovative solutions from industry that have succeeded in intelligently networking production and value-creation processes. The expert jury rates the innovative strength of the solution and its specific practical relevance for Industry 4.0. This year, the state of Baden-Württemberg presented the award for the fourth time since 2015, in recognition of innovative developments and applications of modern IT technologies in process-oriented solutions.


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Founded in 1992 as a joint venture of Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and Digital Equipment, EURO-LOG AG has become one of the leading providers of IT and process integration in logistics. With customizable solutions such as B2B integration, procurement management, transportation management, ONE TRACK shipment tracking, container management and mobile logistics solutions, the company ensures transparency along the entire supply chain with its EUROLOG SCM PLATTFORM. International customers from the automotive, e-commerce & trade, industry and logistics sectors, among others, rely on the integration solutions of EURO-LOG AG. At the headquarters in Hallbergmoos-Munich, EURO-LOG AG operates own data centres and employs more than 95 people.


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Award for Rhenus Freight Industry Solutions


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