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An app that thinks with you: “Mobile Track” supports status entry

Logistik-App, 07/11/2013

The “Mobile Track” app makes it easy to enter and record the status of individually packaged goods and streamlines processes

Hallbergmoos-Munich – The “Mobile Track” application developed by EURO-LOG is designed to streamline delivery and collection processes for freight companies and professional drivers. The Android app enables the user to enter and record the status of individually packaged goods and full truck load transports. For freight companies and professional drivers alike, the intuitive operation of the app is a huge improvement on conventional mobile data end devices (MDE) such as scanners. The functions of the application replace many paper-based processes throughout the supply chain, enabling the status of transport loads and collections to be recorded on the go. If the collection quantity changes, the actual quantity – or any other deviations – can be entered directly in the app.

Status suggestions to help the driver get it right first time

The app is a useful tool for professional drivers, ‘thinking’ with them to offer real added value in day-to-day use. As with a scanner, the driver enters the status of a package, and then selects the dispatch status. This is where the app steps in: Mobile Track suggests the most logical dispatch status for the package to the driver. For example, if a package is damaged, the app suggests “Delivered with damage”, helping to prevent errors caused by the driver entering the wrong status by mistake. This issue was the main cause of status entry errors with scanner technology, which required the driver to perform a complex search to identify the correct status.
The app put to the test: High levels of acceptance

Freight company GS Frachtlogistik has already put the app to the test with a number of its truck drivers. Managing Director Roland Gigl believes that the main benefit of the app is that it could replace conventional mobile data end devices.

“The app can be deployed during delivery and collection and replaces scanners at these stages of the logistics process […]”,

explains Gigl. Initial practical tests have produced further positive results. Thanks to the intuitive operational interface, even older generations of professional drivers displayed high levels of acceptance for the app. Roland Gigl continues:

“As it is so simple to use, even older drivers, who previously didn’t use the scanners, can now play their part in the process. Nearly all of them have a smartphone. We’re already performing initial tests on the app and we’re very satisfied with the results. This is another innovative solution that we can offer our customers”.

Link to warehousing and transport systems

Previously, users were not able to integrate data collected from scanner technology with data stored in other IT systems. The “Mobile Track” application provides a solution to this challenge: It can be linked with other IT systems, such as warehousing and transport systems, or other solutions, such as container management and time window management systems, with complete flexibility. This means that ETA data for the vehicle can be taken into account when planning ramp allocations, with slots assigned to trucks dynamically. If a truck is due to arrive later than originally scheduled, the system will display this information, utilising its ability to evaluate the GPS information provided by the truck. However, the driver must grant consent for the GPS data to be used by the system. In container management applications, the app can be used to book containers. When a goods shipment is handed over, a wide range of loading equipment can also be booked at the same time as the order is completed. For the driver, this solution requires just a few more clicks in the app – but no additional paperwork.
Mobile documentation without paper forms

The “Mobile Track” app interlinks the processes that take place along the supply chain, making the required sub-steps easier for drivers and freight companies to complete. Truck drivers can use the app to document processes that were previously associated with a great deal of paperwork. Waiting times and carbon footprints can be managed via the app rather than on paper, and the smartphone can also be used to obtain a signature from the recipient on delivery. Damage to packages is recorded directly in the app, and the documents associated with any transport order – such as delivery receipts or photographs of damage – can be called up rapidly at a later stage. In the contract logistics sector, the app can also be used to automatically record the time spent loading and unloading the delivery; this data can then be used to invoice for the services provided.

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Drivers used the app Mobile Track at GS Frachtlogistik


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