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Beeger Logistik: Cost savings of over 50% thanks to the Mobile Track smartphone app

Smartphone app Mobile Track, 10/07/2015

Logistics service provider Beeger now has a simple, cost-effective system for collection and delivery scanning in the form of the logistics app from EURO-LOG

Hallbergmoos-Munich – Beeger Internationale Stückgut Logistik GmbH - a medium-sized logistics service provider and partner of the ONLINE cooperation - has been using the Mobile Track smartphone app since mid-2014. This app was developed by IT service provider EURO-LOG, a company specializing in the integration of logistical processes. Mobile Track replaced the scanners that Beeger had been using up to that point. The new mobile application is primarily used for collection and delivery scanning, as well as for recording signatures for up to 7,000 deliveries each month. The carrier is securing long-term savings by using this app as there is no need to invest money in the maintenance and replacement of faulty scanners: All that is needed to use the app is a much cheaper (compared to a scanner) smartphone and a data contract. The cost savings achieved by using the app rather than a scanner solution are over 50%. What's more, the level of training that drivers require is reduced to a minimum as the app is extremely intuitive to use. There are currently over 30 mobile phones equipped with the Mobile Track app in use in Beeger's transportation operations.

Before introducing the app, the carrier had been using a scanner solution from AIS for scheduling. "The main problem with this solution was that the scanners were prone to failure, which resulted in costs for repairs and the procurement of new devices", explains Frank Reichert, branch office manager at Beeger's Apen site. The scanners were replaced mid-2014 with the EURO-LOG Mobile Track solution. "The smartphones are much more cost-effective than our previous hardware. In addition, the app has been well-received by our drivers since it is very intuitive and easy to use with the clearly understandable icons", says Reichert.

With Mobile Track, not only can the drivers scan consignments, but they also have the option of taking photos, for example if a consignment is damaged or in order to document delivery of the goods. They can then send these photos directly to the in-house shipping software KOMALOG. The statuses generated at the delivery and collection measuring points are transmitted to the in-house system in real time. Furthermore, the exchange of containers can be documented using Mobile Track.

The app ensures that the carrier always knows drivers' current and previous locations, since Mobile Track regularly sends the geo-coordinates of the Android devices to the in-house system - this localization function can also be utilized in real time with the driver's permission. The location data can be used to generate a clear map. Thanks to this function, any problems along the route, such as traffic jams, can be quickly spotted and plans rearranged as necessary.

The solution also enables delivery receipts to be sent to the relevant customer's own shipping system and to forwarding cooperations, such as 24plus Systemverkehre GmbH & Co. KG and ONLINE Systemlogistik für Spedition und Service GmbH.

The paperless Mobile Track solution can be easily integrated into existing scheduling and shipping systems and is ready to use in next to no time.

Carrier Beeger achieves real savings with Mobile Track

The monthly cost per scanner is €95, based on a three-year period. Using a smartphone equipped with the Mobile Track app, on the other hand, costs Beeger just €52 per month - a saving of approx. 45%. When calculating the cost per scanner and cost per smartphone with the app, all one-off procurement costs, maintenance contract costs and monthly running costs were included for both options.

This means that Beeger saves €43 per month for each scanner that is replaced by a smartphone/app. Beeger currently has 15 smartphones in use at its Apen site. Based on the above savings of €43 per smartphone (with app), Beeger is saving €645 per month at the site by using these 15 smartphones.

There is also no need to pay the flat-rate data exchange fee of €200 per month that was required when using the scanner solution, increasing the monthly savings further to €845.

In addition to that, the initial cost of commissioning the system is approx. €1,000 less than the costs incurred at the time of introducing the scanner solution. This amount must be considered separately and was not included in the calculation. The overall savings achieved are therefore over 50%.

What's more, a huge amount of time is saved by using the app rather than the scanners. Running software updates on the scanners, for example, took almost ten times as long as it now takes to update the app.

Further information about the Mobile Track logistics app is available here.

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