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New usability and functions: Simple and efficient operation of app management software Mobile Track Central

app management software, 04/28/2016

Hallbergmoos-Munich – The latest version of Mobile Track Central was recently released on the market. This software enables shipping company employees such as schedulers to manage the Mobile Track logistics app. Mobile Track Central provides a clear overview of delivery statuses and cartage notes, for instance. The system can also be used to manage drivers, enabling the locations of drivers to be tracked in real time. What's more, messages and photos can be exchanged between Mobile Track Central and Mobile Track. Cooperations such as 24plus and ONLINE automatically receive customized delivery receipts via the software. The portal can also be used as a scheduling system, enabling transport orders to be uploaded and assigned to the relevant drivers. With the EURO-LOG WebApps, the software is easy to use and facilitates quick and efficient work processes, suiting individual needs.

Thanks to the WebApp technology, the user can view all relevant information at a glance. Time-consuming searches are a thing of the past, as search results defined as relevant are reported automatically and in real time. Using the app icons (which can be individually configured by the user), users can access the information relevant to them with just a click. Users can also see at a glance whether and where new information is available via the "counter" in the upper-right corner of the app icon. For instance, users can immediately see how many deliveries and collections do not have a status. This function makes work easier for schedulers and call centre employees and saves a lot of time.

The WebApps have an alert function that informs users in real time as soon as a pre-defined event occurs or does not occur - for example, if a delivery is delayed en route to the customer or if goods have not left the warehouse by a certain time.

The driver management function has also been optimized in the relaunched software. For example, shippers can now exchange messages with their drivers via Mobile Track Central. Drivers receive the messages via the app and can answer them directly from there.

The software enables logistics service providers to track the location of their drivers in real time on a map. When doing so, the filter function can be used to show or hide certain drivers. Not only does the latest version boast a new look and feel, the performance of the HGV tracking function is 500 times better in this updated software.

The new software can also calculate the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the next stop. This is calculated using HGV data. There are plans to extend the ETA calculation to the entire tour in future. What's more, in the coming quarter the software is to be upgraded to include consignment recording and assignment functions.

Mobile Track Central can be integrated flexibly in a wide range of scenarios. As well as offering real-time control for shippers, the software can also be used to control entire logistics networks, such as in procurement scenarios.

Customers currently using Mobile Track Central include ABC-Logistik, Beeger Logistik & Spedition, GS Frachtlogistik, LSU Schäberle Logistik & Speditions-Union, Nothegger Transport Logistik and Spedition Klaus Meier.

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