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Spare parts logistics with global transparency at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services

Track & Trace, 07/11/2016

Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services monitors its global spare parts logistics processes using a tracking tool from EURO-LOG

Hallbergmoos-Munich – Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services GmbH (LTLS) has been using a track & trace solution from EURO-LOG to monitor its global spare parts processes for over 15 years. The Lufthansa Operational Tracking System enables the uniform documentation and tracking of all flows of goods. Using the system, the logistics processes involved in spare parts logistics have been optimized at 26 sites around the world with the aid of 650 employees. Over the years, the IT solution has continuously grown and been developed as requirements have evolved. Interfaces have been created with existing systems in the warehouse, dispatch and customs processing, for instance, so that the various processes only need to be mapped in one system. This enables LTLS to maintain overall control of all spare parts logistics processes.

Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services offers logistics solutions for the entire aerospace industry, including transport handling, material procurement, storage, distribution, and the organization and optimization of repair cycles. The faultless handling of all processes is particularly important in order to ensure the highest level of safety. But time is also a crucial factor. If a spare part arrives too late, preventing an aircraft from being able to take off on time, the resulting costs are high. To avoid this, LTLS was looking for a comprehensive system that could analyze all processes and offered options for control and optimization.

The project kicked off in 1998 with the plan envisaging the use of an IT-supported system in order to create transparency with regard to the logistics processes and to provide information about the resources required for individual processes and how much time is needed for them. This neutral data was also to provide a better basis for the invoicing of services rendered for customers. The system needed to provide a means of identifying potential areas for improvement and to reduce transport, logistics and storage costs. The EURO-LOG tracking system provided the opportunity to develop a global tracking system, to link the different sites and to standardize processes.

Real-time transparency was created with respect to the logistics processes and flow of goods within a very short period of time thanks to the intelligent software solution. The system does more than just track parts, offering a neutral analysis of process times and providing the basis for invoicing.

The system can be used via a simple interface, in German or in English, at any workstation in locations including Hamburg, Munich and New York. Since the start of the project, the system has been continuously developed and adapted to meet the latest requirements. At the Hamburg site alone, over 26 million processes, each with 5 status messages, have been processed via the system to date - and in Frankfurt, it is over 16 million processes.

Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services is very happy with the system and is also planning to expand it further in future. Overall, "Aircraft on Ground" times have been substantially reduced, resulting in huge cost savings. By optimizing processes, transport capacity has also been increased by 20 to 30 percent. Customers and suppliers have access to a global tracking system and receive information about where time-critical parts are in real time. Relevant processes, such as the important documentation of parts with TÜV seals or similar, are also integrated in the system. This means that LTLS employees can view all the relevant information clearly on just one screen.


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Founded in 1992 as a joint venture of Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and Digital Equipment, EURO-LOG AG has become one of the leading providers of IT and process integration in logistics. With customizable solutions such as B2B integration, procurement management, transportation management, ONE TRACK shipment tracking, container management and mobile logistics solutions, the company ensures transparency along the entire supply chain with its EUROLOG SCM PLATTFORM. International customers from the automotive, e-commerce & trade, industry and logistics sectors, among others, rely on the integration solutions of EURO-LOG AG. At the headquarters in Hallbergmoos-Munich, EURO-LOG AG operates own data centres and employs more than 95 people.


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Lufthansa Technik uses the track and trace system of EURO-LOG


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